Empty can vertical feeder BESTEQ-TLA-3000

от 300 000 руб
выгода 100 000 руб
от 400 000 руб

Designed for lifting empty cans on desired height and feed to the following production line process (e.g. sterilisation). Its construction excludes any harm of coating or damage to transporting cans.

Struсture and Operating principle

The reliable and modular stainless steel frame allows producing feeder at the desirable height needed in the processing line. Speed of variable-frequency drive is smoothly adjusted for feeding different size of cans. Automatic drive belt tension control provides a smooth working process for a long time avoiding often maintenance. 

Cans enter the feeder sideways through the inlet with regulating angle that helps smooth connection with transport systems.  Cans move sideways all way along the feeder and a twister is used to correct the position.