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Clean container is our job

Besteq-Engineering has been specializing in the development and production of various equipment for the food industry for more than 10 years. Thanks to a team of highly qualified engineers and production specialists, we can offer our customers the most efficient high-quality solutions for canning lines.

The experience of many years in the field of equipment for the canning industry allows us to confidently determine the most important points of technological processes in the сanned food industry, whether it is a line for the production of meat, fish or vegetables. One of the important points at any canning industry is a clean surface of closed containers. Different occasions cause contaminations on the container surface.

- the container may get dirty during the filling process
- the product may spill during transportation before sealing
- excess product can be squeezed out of the container during the seaming process
-depressurised containers may cause surface contamination of the whole batch during sterilisation

We have developed washing machines for different purposes providing best result at cleaning of the containers at any stage of the processing line.

Our Advantages

Turnkey food production line supply
Our company will plan the whole processing line for your production needs, combined with the best equipment configuration from our manufacturing partners and engineering services.
Own engineering
Besteq engineering department guarantees full compatibility and consistency in the operation of each part of the equipment that we supply for your production line.
Short payback
Our design department will develop and select equipment individually for your requirements to get efficiency and best results in the production to achieve payback for your investments in the shortest period.
Own service
The company's specialists are ready to provide service support to their customers around the world and are also ready to audit third-party equipment
Short delivery
We can deliver equipment from 10 days anywhere in the world.
The combination of our own production and long term close partnership with other manufacturers allows us to offer the best price and guarantee the highest quality level.
We can provide a two-year warranty thanks to reliable components from leading manufacturers that we use in our equipment and machines.