Semiautomatic autoclave basket unloader BESTEQ-LUAB-1200

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Designed to unload cans from autoclave baskets after sterilisation. Works in a semiautomatic mode and needs one operator to manipulate the process.


Struсture and Operating principle

The machine consists of a frame, unloading mechanism, collecting table and control panel. The unloader is suitable for baskets with a movable bottom that is used in horizontal autoclaves. The working process is being controlled by one operator. The bottom of the basket is lifted so the bottom of the product reaches the level of collecting table and the operator starts up the pushing mechanism to unload the product to the collecting table. Operation is repeated for each layer of the product. The level of the products is controlled by the help of the joystick on the control panel.


Key Features

High-quality components are used to provide stable work of the machine. The machine can be customized for specific baskets dimensions.

Loading speed capacity: 2 layers/min 
Installed power:  1,0 kW 
Operator:  1 person 
Dimensions: 2500х1500х950 mm