Linear cooker BESTEQ-RO-600

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Designed for blanching and frying all types of products in continuous production lines. The cooker has automatic heating and oil filtering system and suitable for canned or frozen food or snacks production.

Struсture and Operating principle

The conveyor fryer is a whole complex of devices and mechanisms. The basis is a heat-insulated bath, in which upper and lower conveyor mesh keep products immersed under the hot oil all way long during movement. The frying complex also includes an oil storage, heating and supply unit, which includes a pump, a plate heat exchanger, a system of filters and stop valves, a buffer tank, and an automatic system for regulating the temperature of the oil in the oven. The speed of the conveyor is regulated by the operator according to the raw product and a recipe. For easy cleaning, the upper hood with ventilation pipes is lifted to grant access to the bath.


Key Features

Reliability is ensured by the simplicity of design and easy access to all units and mechanisms; The durability of the machine is ensured by the use of stainless steel Aisi 304 and Aisi 316, as well as high-quality drive mechanisms, components and electronics from the best European manufacturers. Oil heating may be done by hot steam or electricity according to customers preferences.

Cooking capacity: 400-1000 kg/hr
Cooking temperature: 120-170 °C
Cooking time: 1-15 min
Bath capacity (oil): 900-1300 kg
Dimensions: 6000-10000х3400х2500 mm
Weight: 1200-2000 kg
Heating system weight: 400-500 kg
Oil storage tank weight: 350 kg
Installed power: 1,3 kW