Meatball Maker BESTEQ-AMM

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Designed to form meatballs in automatic regime with output into a container or conveyor belt. The machine operates with all type of ground meat mixed with vegetables and spices.

Structure and Operating principle

The machine consists of a hopper, screw feeder and dosing heads that can be adjusted for the needed size of meatballs.

Ground meat from hopper goes to the cylindrical chambers by the help of screw feeders and comes out through dosing heads onto the belt by 4-7 pieces at a time.

 Meatball size:  20-100 gr
 Capacity:   2700-6000 containers/hr
 Dosage volume capacity:  50-500 cm³
 Hopper capacity:  110L
 Dinensions:  1240х740х1580 mm
 Weight: 550 kg
 Installed power: 1.1 kW
 Piston air pressure: 0.6 MPa