Lineer brine filler

от 300 000 руб
выгода 100 000 руб
от 400 000 руб

Designed for dosing liquids like brine, water, oil through a system of overflow or waterfall, easily adaptable to different ranges of production and containers. It is a simple and economical solution made from stainless steel AISI304.

Structure and operating principle

Filler consists of a frame, a lamellar conveyor, a bath in the dosing zone, upper and lower tank for liquid, cascade liquid dispenser, splash protection covers, centrifugal pump, conveyor driver and control panel.

Containers enter the filling zone on the lamellar conveyor, and inclined dispenser evenly fills them with liquid overflowing from the upper tank. Bath in the filling zone accumulates surplus liquids and drains it to lower tank. Centrifugal pump transfer liquid from the lower tank to the upper tank to add it to filling cycle again.


Key Features

The whole construcion is made of stainless steel AISI304.

 Capacity:   10 000 containers/hr 
 Installed power:  1,5 kW