Rotary brine filler BESTEQ-FR-8

от 300 000 руб
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Designed to fill containers with sauce, brine, soup, oil and warmed fat as an additive to solid ingredients.

Struсture and Operating principle

The machine consists of a frame, block of filling heads, main starwheel, feeder starwheel. outfeeder starwheel, drive for filling block, product tank and control panel. The machine can be equipped with a transporting conveyor as an option. The tank has fill level control so it can be connected to a source with liquid product and steam heating system warms up product to the proper temperature.

A container moving on a conveyor is grabbed by a feeder and passed to the main starwheel under filling heads. The container is being filled during movement and outfeeder starwheel returns it to the conveyor.

 Capacity: 100-120 can/min
 Container diameter: 40-105 mm
 Container height: 25-150 mm
  Dosing volume:  10-40 ml or 30-120 ml
 Dosing nozzles:  8
 Installed power: 0,75 kW
 Dimensions: 800х870х1600 mm