Raw meat filler BESTEQ-V2-FNA

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BESTEQ-V2-FNA filler is specially designed to operate with various types of diced raw meat and fill containers with ingredients for canned meat stew preparation. The machine is equipped with heads to discharge meat, fat and spice.

Struсture and Operating principle

The machine is capable of processing various types of raw meat products without destructing consistency and tissue structure thanks to separate variable-frequency drives for mixer inside the hopper, screw feeder for discharge head and container transporting. Mixing system with speed control inside the hopper enforces delivering raw material through narrowing to discharge head. Screw feeder provides uniform delivery of containers to a starwheel for filling processes without giving any damage even to glass containers.

Empty containers are filled with warmed up to 70°C fat while being on the first starwheel and with spice and salt on the next one. The last step is discharging measured amount of meat into the container.


Technical Features

All the parts that have direct conduct with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304. Smooth adjustment of production capacity according to product type.

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Capacity:    7200 cans/hr
Meat hopper:  150 kg
Spice hopper: 30 kg
Fat hopper: 15 kg
Fat heating temp: 70°C
Container:  Metal can, glass jar
Dosing precision error: 3%
Water consumption: 0,35 m³/hr
Pressured air consumption: 0,005 m³/hr
Air pressure: 0,6 MPa
Meat hopper height: 1630-2500 mm
 Installed power: 5,2 kW