Scalding Machine BESTEQ-DSCGR-100

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Designed to scald empty round cans for sterilisation before filling process. Scalding is performed when empty cans roll sideways through the hood of the machine and exposed to pressurised hot water injected by nozzles sequentially ordered inside.

The machine easily integrates into continuous or intermittent canned food production lines.

Struсture and Operating principle

The machine consists of a stainless steel frame and a bathtub for collecting water and a tight hood that prevents escaping of steam outside. Inside the hood, an order of nozzles connected to pressure adjustable manifold is sequentially placed for steam or hot water injection and provide high-quality heat treatment and sterilisation of metal cans.

The machine is placed inclined so empty cans roll sideways down through the hood inside stainless steel guides and get exposed to steam and hot water.At the end cans from sideways spin to the necessary position inside the guides.


Technical Features

No electrical connection is needed.

The entire structure is made of stainless steel AISI 304.

The machine stays on hinged supports that allow adjusting its position in the horizontal plane.

Suitable for metal cans that are attracted to magnets.

 Capacity:  7200 cans/hr 
Container type: Round metal cans
 Steam consumption: 70-30 kg/hr
 Dimensions:  2200х550х1550 mm
 Weight: 110 kg