Washing Machine BESTEQ-WMEG-6000

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Designed to wash, scald and dry glass jars before filling.

Developed by our engineers X-Washing system thoroughly cleans even hard-to-reach surface and powerful air knives remove water drops from outside surface of the jar.

The machine easily integrates into continuous or intermittent canned food production lines.

In addition to widespread use in the food processing, BESTEQ-WMEG-6000 can carry out its functions in the chemical, medical and perfumery industry.

Struсture and Operating principle

The machine consists of a stainless steel frame, bathtubs with tight protective hoods that prevent escaping of moisture and steam outside into the workshop area. A low voltage control panel takes place on the machine body.

At the bottom of the machine, there is a water tank with a steam heating system and a pump for supplying hot water to a water manifold. A set of air knives are sequentially placed in the machine after an order of nozzles for hot water and steam for scalding. In the lower part of the scalding zone, there is a drain that collects condensed water into the water tank.

At the beginning of the machine, there is a push mechanism with lateral belts with a tensioning device that can be adjusted according to the jars` width and feed speed. Turned upside down jars move through the scalding and air knives sections over the bridge with an adjustable fence for different widths of processed containers. At the end of the machine, an outfeeder with a rotating guide will give a jar a necessary position. All processes are being held automatically and can be easily integrated into continuous production lines.


Technical Features

The entire structure is made of stainless steel AISI 304.

The X-Washing system thoroughly cleans even hard-to-reach surface.

The heating system might use electricity if required by technical conditions.

The machine stays on hinged supports that allow adjusting its position in the horizontal plane.

 Capacity:   7200 containers/hr
 Container:  Glass Jar
 Container size:  max.3L
 Heating system:  Steam
 Installed power:  1 kW
 Water consumption:   150 L/hr
 Steam consumption:  50 kg/hr
 Dimensions:  5300×1000×2000 mm
 Weight:  550 kg